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I love the library for a number of reasons. First, living in a very rural community where internet service is unreliable, slow and EXPENSIVE, it is great to have a place close by where we can easily download programs, photos, videos, and music. Using social networks, for me, is fantastic as my family is located all over the county and social networking is the main way we keep in touch. Besides using the library’s computers, I also love to read. The library allows me to explore the works of new authors without the expense of purchasing a book that I may not like. Additionally, the benefits of interlibrary loans are incredible. Having an eclectic taste in literature and movies, I love being able to have access to material that I otherwise would not be able to read or view. These are only some of the benefits that can be found at the Bollinger County Library. I encourage everyone to visit and make use of the library’s many and tremendous services.

- Donna Calvert, Pictured with Author James Rollins

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